I have had a love affair with beautiful fabrics and notions all my life. When I moved into my first apartment, I found yards and yards of an incredible blue cotton damask that was begging for a purpose.  I decided to skirt a rather large bathroom vanity with it.  Each day, when I saw all that sumptious color and pattern, I smiled. Who knew something as simple as fabric could bring so much joy!  To this day I can't pass up fabric. If something speaks to me, it's mine!


I have always enjoyed making special gifts for friends and family. I sewed for my children when they were small. It seemed logical to make the things I wanted rather than purchase them.  Wallace + Pfeiffer is an evolution of all those things.  I wanted to do something I loved everyday.  The creative process of design and sewing to produce a uniquely handmade piece is most gratifying.

The name Wallace+Pfeiffer comes from two very inspirational women in my life, my mother and my mother-in-law.  Mary Wallace Callison and Gail Pfeiffer Hoffman were two women who epitomized strength and courage while they were here on this earth.  

Tracy Hoffman

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